Most geological models are conceptual and not necessarily physically consistent.

We provide geomechanical modeling solutions to help you create tectonic interpretations.

This gives insight in the stress and deformation state of your region of interest
and how it evolved over geological time.

3D modeling

We provide fast modeling solutions based on your 3D data.

Robust geomechanics

We employ state-of-the-art poro-visco-elasto-plastic geomechanical models.

Systematic approach

We test the effect of uncertainties in rock properties and boundary conditions on your tectonic scenario.

Advanced evaluation possibilities

We employ inversion techniques to fit the models to your data, and derive the most likely scenarios and uncertainty bounds.

Smart Tectonic interpretations

Instead of cartoon-like tectonic interpretations, we provide mechanically consistent scenarios that show how parameters such as stress and temperature evolved through time.

Reducing costs

By understanding the mechanics of your geological system, you will reduce the costs for any further investigations of the subsurface.


Our modeling solution are applied to a wide range of geological problems, from deformation of a rock sample to the evolution of a sedimentary basin. By simulating the present-day stress-state within a sedimentary basin and by estimating how data uncertainties affect this, we help you reduce your drilling risk. By simulating the geological evolution over a million year timescale we help you estimate how deformation proceeded with time.


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